My Prank Friend

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My best friend, Ashley, and I have been known to get into some serious trouble together. We have gotten in so much trouble that our parents would not allow us to see each other for a while, but we are still best friends despite that. We have learned some serious lessons together. One blazing hot, Alabama, summer day Ashley and I, who were around eight at the time, were playing at my house when we learned a very important lesson which we still regret to this day. We decided to prank call a family friend who had a daughter our age. That day we made a poor decision, went through with the prank call, and both ended up in serious trouble while learning an important lesson.
Since it was such a sweltering summer day, Ashley and I decided not to play outside, but that usually meant trouble for us. We spent the majority of the day watching YouTube videos on my third generation iPod Touch and sneaking around getting into my mom’s makeup. In one of the videos we watched a man was making prank calls, and we decided we wanted to be like him by making our own prank calls. We decided to go ask my mom if it would be okay to do this, but she, of course, told us absolutely not. Since we were two extremely stubborn, bored girls we decided to make the prank calls anyway, but we had to figure out how. We watched, even more, videos on prank calling, and we thought we were set even though we really had no clue what we were doing. Since we thought we were prepared to make what would turn out
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