My Pre-Med Personal Statement

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Pre-Med majors play a quintessential role in today’s society and in every community. In fact, society relies on doctors to help heal the sick. Without doctors, every community would struggle to find safe and effective treatment for their health concerns. As a Pre-Med student with a future career in medicine, I will have the opportunity to be a servant to other people. In fact, one of my passions is to help people overcome unhealthy habits and guide injured patients through recovery. In lieu of this, I believe that doctors have the capacity to change society for the better. Not only are doctors entrusted with helping patients heal, they give advice on how to live a healthier and happier life. Hopefully, the healthy lifestyle advice that doctors should give to their patients will be passed on for generations. In turn, this…show more content…
Since my mother is a breast cancer survivor and I witnessed the devastation of cancer, one of my goals is to help find a cure for this deadly disease. Ultimately, this has been my passion from a young age ever since I started to volunteer at various food banks. Furthermore, a career in medicine will never become obsolete. There will always be sick people who are in need of recovery from their ailments. Overall, I chose a Pre-Med major because I have a passion for health and nutrition. From a young age, I was involved in athletics and I have always had a keen interest for eating healthy. As I have matured, my interest in fitness and a healthy lifestyle has augmented. Along with this, I have a passion to help others and to guide people into living a healthier and happier life. As a whole, a future career in medicine would be a prodigious way to use my talents and interests to benefit the world. Since every person eventually becomes sick and needs appropriate treatment, a medical related career is of the upmost importance in today’s
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