My Preschool Observation Report

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My preschool observation took place at the Central Child Development Center, 414 E. Black Street, Rock Hill, South Carolina. The Child Development Center is operated by York County District Three within Rock Hill Schools. There are many different classes that serve students ranging from general education to special education. During my observation time, I was assigned to two general education classrooms: Margret Joiner’s classroom (with assistant Ginger Adams) and Diane Alexander’s classroom (with assistant LaSalle Foster).
For the first half of my visit, I was with Mrs. Joyner’s class. On the day I did my observation, I counted 15 children, with a pretty equal number of boys to girls. Overall, there seemed to be more African-American
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The room and centers were incredibly organized and clean, which made for a stress-free environment for the children (the children seemed calm, and when it was time to clean up, they knew exactly where everything went). For example, at one point during the morning, some of the children wanted to play with play-doh. They knew that in order to play with the play-doh, they had to ask a teacher. Not only does this fall under wonderful organization skills, this also shows children understand what they need to do in order to get something they may want. I observed no safety hazards within this classroom, and again, I feel that if there were any safety hazards, they were put away where the children couldn’t access them.
In terms of classroom management and organization, this was handled incredibly well. I talked to Mrs. Adams and Mrs. Joyner, and they told me that the children are taught their schedule bit by bit at the beginning of the year so that they are able to learn it quickly and easily. This was shown in the way the children transitioned from one activity to another. For example, when the children went from early morning centers to the first group activity time, they knew how to clean up and where everything was supposed to go. When they went to sit on the
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