My Presentation Of A Training Program

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As life is flying past me on both sides, I am walking, no, I am jogging, no, I am sprinting up over the hill. I can already see the finish line off in the distance, it is still pretty far away but closing in fast. At this point in the race to the end of the semester I am glad I am going through a training program called public speaking. There is no way possible I would be over the hill looking down with the finish line in sight, if it wasn’t for this exercise program. This program has been getting me in shape every day since the start. With two presentations complete I felt a little more confident in my abilities to give a presentation. I would like to think that I am getting better and better with every opportunity I am given to speak. My presentation three was an overall improvement off of my presentation two. I took skills from my first two presentations and blended them with new acquired skills to strengthen Presentation three. In presentation three, the order I presented my points were; Notable athletes in the ‘pay to play’ scandal, the pro’s of collegiate athletes getting paid, and the con’s of collegiate athletes getting paid. I chose to do tell the audience about the notable ‘pay to play’ athletes first because it gives them a little background information on the topic. Telling them who has been caught in the scandal makes them feel more relatable to the topic, because now they know who this has affected. Then, I decided to tell them about the pro’s of college
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