My Presidential Election For President Of The United States

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As we near the next presidential election for the United States I see names such as Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders running to lead our country. With the amount of candidates running for the next presidential term, I often wonder what it takes to throw one’s hat in the ring, and the steps they have to take to get into office. Are there any restrictions, age limits, financial obligations one must meet before going through the long road to presidency? Before announcing to run for President of the United States, specific requirements must be met. First, the age requirement is to be at least 35 years old. The second requirement is that you must be a born citizen of the United States, and lastly would have to live in the country for the past 14 consecutive years prior to running for President. Now, if one meets those requirements they could run for President. It would probably be a smart idea, although not required, to have previous education, political experience and financial backing before you decided to run. So now that the requirements have been met, it is time to get to work. While we do have many different parties that can run for President I will focus on the 2 major political parties, Republicans and Democrats. Third party candidates would consist of Independent, Constitution, Green, Libertarian and Reform Parties. In this example I would be announcing my intentions to run for President of the United States as a Democrat. The first thing that I would need
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