My Primary Artifact Essay

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My primary artifact sample is a makeup tutorial in text/picture form. In this tutorial, the “kyshadow bronze palette” is being used by Kylie Jenner herself. Kylie Jenner made a video tutorial of this look and took little clips out and made a picture “how to” tutorial to simplify how to get this makeup look. My next artifact is a makeup video tutorial video by Kylie Jenner’s makeup artist using the same kyshadow palette. I liked this video because the makeup artist tells the viewer what specific brushes she is using, what colors she is using and exactly where she is putting them. My final artifact is another kyshadow makeup video tutorial by Roxette Arisa. I chose this video tutorial because it’s not like the other tutorials. Roxette talks about what she thinks about the palette and also does a makeup look and explains it very well. My artifacts all belong in the makeup genre. My first artifact would fall under the sub genre of picture/text and my other two artifacts…show more content…
In the tutorial by Kylie’s makeup artist, I feel that it was a combination of my primary picture tutorial and a video because it had text of the steps but the makeup artist was also explaining what she was doing which was effective and could be helpful for the viewer. In Roxette’s tutorial I liked how she gave a first impression of the palette and that could make a video more effective for the viewer if they haven’t used the palette yet, or aren’t so literate in makeup. I think my primary artifact could’ve been more effective if it was more organized and gave more in depth instructions of the makeup look. It would also need to include more information about the palette and what specifics the viewer needs to get this look; then I would feel more confident about using a picture tutorial over a video
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