My Primary Color Is Gold And Secondary Color Type Is Green

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My primary color is Gold and secondary color type is Green. I do agree with the results from the Color Q Self Assessment. From reading more in depth about the color Gold and Green from "Career Match" by, Zichy Shoya. I do, agree with the results that Gold reflects on being "Grounded,realistic and accountable." (Shoya,2007) Also, Gold is known for being involved in details and are known for following through and mobilizing others to achieve their goals. Being Gold comes with skills of making lists, planning in advance and dealing with what has worked in the past. After realizing how this color does reflect who, I am as a young adult. Being a young adult comes with responsibility of being realistic with my actions. And, to being accountable for what I do. Before, I attended Post University in high school I worked for Family Court in Queens, New York. I was involved in a program called "Quest, Youth Court of Innovation" which, is a program for young teens aged between ten through eighteen. Being refereed by the Queens Family Court, the Law department and Probation Officers. Receiving low crimes for offenses such as vandalism, disorderly conduct, and trespassing. These young teens would appear before a jude and jury of their neighborhood peers. Giving young people advice, allowing the respondent to reflect on their actions. Due to, the sanction and message coming from other people around their age. Which, has the effect of being more understanding. However, advice does come with

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