My Primary Personal Thinking Style

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Personal Thinking Styles My primary personal thinking style is an affiliate (pg.7). The affiliate scale over all tells us our degree of commitment to forming social ties and seeks out for a close relationship with others. Affiliate people enjoy others company, and they are trustworthy. They also share their opinion easily and give advice to others to form warm environment. My result on the affiliate style is 93%, and it is in a high range. Survey said that “ this type of people tend to be most efficient and comfortable in the company of others. Also will strive to improve and maintain healthy relationships that are important to them” (affiliate style). Also for them teamwork is imperative, they like to cooperate and get mutually rewarded. Am I agreeing? Yes. I think I have affiliate side of me; because, I believe personal satisfaction, effective job performance generates from appropriate staff members. Because when they are comfortable and know what they are doing, they will produce more and will be more efficient. That’s why I always concern how to create the best team to move forward, and try to motivate them. My second highest percentile is approval (pg.7). The approval-seeking managers are an over-concern with being familiar and well accepted from others, and they face difficulties in conflicts and negotiations. The moreover research stated that “they tend to delegate work inconsistently and resolve conflicts unsatisfactorily” (approval style). They may also seek
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