My Problem and Solution

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March 5, 2001 at 1:00AM in the morning suddenly, I wake up because of the phone in my room was ranging too loudly. Before waking up anyone in my house, I ran very first picked up the phone, and said "Hello." At first no one was giving me any answer from the other side. I was really mad. Suddenly, I heard a woman voices from the other side very politely, and she said, "Aaron, you are matured enough, don't you know what you are doing, which is totally wrong, you should respect our culture our religions and us. You cannot do what you want. Life is your, and choices are your too, but some time making a decision for your marriage life, and we have decision too, so you can not make any major decision for that." I was very quite, and listen …show more content…
No matter what, I want to marry her without my parent's permission.
Before I took this solution for my life I already knew that it could be good or bad for my life. From my point of view I think the good things will be that I will learn how to survive on my own. Right now my parents pay almost all my expenses, and I'll feel good because I can use my freedom. I am a very lazy guy, but I know she love me, so she'll find out what we need to do for our future life. This situation will teach me how to be a hard worker man. Economically I'll be stronger in the future. My girlfriend will be happy because I kept my promise to her, and I also happy too, because I did love someone, and finally I made it, and hope my ideas can help next generations make decisions. My girlfriend will love me more because I give up everything in life just for her. She told me that she would like to learn everything about my culture, and I know one day she will manage it. She said, "We're under the same God, so different religion will not make any difference if we understand each other better."
On the other hand, I have to face a lot of bad things, which could create new problems in the rest of my life. If I marry Annie my parents will divorce me, no matter what, and I am for sure about that. My girlfriend's religion is Muslim, and usually Muslim people cannot marry with any other religion, which
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