My Professional And Academic Experience

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From both my professional and academic experience I have acquired invaluable knowledge and experience that I am confident have more than prepared me for an Information Officer I position with the California Department of Insurance. With a bachelor’s degree in communication from a top California university and practice in both the private and public sector, I have developed a plethora of skills in the realm of communications including My professional and academic experience have also allowed me to hone my writing skills to convey key messages not only to the public, but also to legislators, media, clients and internal audiences. While working at Dewey Square Group I have worked on behalf of various clients including a large manufacturing company, a trade association and multiple universities who have needed public relations materials including press releases, statements, reports and other pieces of collateral. One client, a large manufacturer in California, has continued to be publicly scrutinized during over the past few years, as part of the public relations team hired by the manufacturer it has been my job to use my writing skills to create press releases, statements, fact sheets, op-eds and social media posts in hopes to curb the scrutiny and generate good press. Last year, this manufacturer was a target of protestors whose presence on site posed both an operational and reputational risk. To diminish the risk, in the days leading up to the protest, I assisted in
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