My Professional Contribution in a Leadership Role: A Reflection

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Describe your most substantial professional contribution in which you exercised a significant leadership role in furthering the public good One of the proudest moments of my life was being invited to become part of the board of directors of an organization in Bolivia designed to promote women's educational opportunities. The organization is called Lidia Gueiler, the name of the interim president of Bolivia from 1979-1980. Gueiler is thus far Bolivia's only female leader. She was a tireless advocate for women's rights, despite the short duration of her leadership and the fact she was forced to leave the country soon afterward because of political instability. Even outside of her native Bolivia, she used her public persona to draw attention to the cause of women's rights in Latin America. As a result of my writings on women's and children's rights and my prominence in the field of importing and exporting of Fair Trade goods from Latin America I was selected to this position. My service is founded upon my belief that the education of women is profoundly important in furthering the health not only of individuals but also of the planet. When women are educated, they tend to have fewer children and are able to make a greater investment in the health and future of the children they choose to have. Bolivia has the highest rate of maternal mortality in the region, except for Haiti and the lowest rate of prenatal care in all of Latin America: only 52 percent of Bolivian women
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