My Professional Development Goals Have Been Established Along The Dpt Program

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Statement of Personal Goals

My professional development goals have been established along the DPT program. As I was taking classes I had defining moments where I could clearly see my career direction moving forward. I have become more conscious about the importance of pursuing high quality continuing education courses and professional development opportunities, beneficial not only to me, but to the over ninety therapists working at our practice and the 20+ Level II students coming for their clinical internships at our agency every year. As we all have been instructed, we are accountable for learning and change (American Physical Therapy Association, 2012). Also, under the core value of professional duty, we are called to mentor others to
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To achieve this goal, I will be working closely with the University of Central Florida DPT program in small research studies involving children and families in our practice. Currently, two grants requests have been submitted pursuing funds for research activities. My goal is to tap into one to four grant opportunities per year to expand our investigative initiatives program.
As part of my professional growth, effective this upcoming summer, I also would like to enhance an existing program at our therapy practice where we discuss research articles. Part of the enhancement plan includes not only sharing the articles but evaluating and critiquing them. One critical appraisal tool under consideration to be used at our agency for that purpose is the Center for Evidence -Based Medicine Critical Appraisal Worksheets (2017). In a cross-sectional study performed by Kamwendo and Tornquist (2001) discussing the perceptions of OT and PT students in Sweden toward research – related activities, results showed students using problem-based learning are more inclined to engage in investigative and experimentation studies. We all need to exercise the core value of excellence by using evidence consistently to support our professional decisions and interventions. A second goal I am excited to pursue is

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