My Professional Development Plan Essay

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My Professional Development Plan
Tracie Johnson
July 26, 2010
Andrea M. Abt

My Professional Development Plan
My professional development plan is to grow as a nurse by obtaining knowledge through school and daily life and work experiences. In five to 10 years, I will be able care for patients and their families as a nurse practitioner. Setting short-term and long-term goals will help guide through the journey to transition into the role of professional nursing and provide new opportunities for the future. Beliefs and values influence the decisions or choices people make in their personal and professional lives. My philosophy of nursing incorporates my beliefs and values, which includes being an advocate for patients and
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I am striving to achieve professionalism and growth in roles and values while going through the bachelor’s degree in nursing program. I plan on taking each class one at a time, try to do my best, and gain the knowledge needed to grow in the nursing profession. By October 2010, I should obtain my bachelor’s degree in nursing, which will provide new opportunities, such as management, and educator positions. A bachelor’s degree in nursing will provide the opportunity to further my education to a master’s degree level.
By fall of 2010, I plan on starting the Master’s of Science in Nursing and Family Nurse Practitioner program at University of Phoenix. I want to sit for the national boards certifying exam by the end of 2013. After completion of the requirements, I must submit the documentation to the South Carolina State Board of Nursing. I plan on working for a family practice, which will give me opportunity to work in both the hospital and office setting. Income is not the main reason for my desire to advance in my profession, but it is important to note that the United States Census Bureau 2004 data states that income levels rise as educational levels rise. Income will help me continue my education as well as my children and obtain other goals such as traveling around the world and
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