My Professional Development Plan Is Directed Towards Helping Me Become A Better Teacher

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My personal professional development plan is directed towards helping me become a better teacher to help students learn and reach their full potential. The skills I am working on to be a better teacher include, better time management, communication, and having a stronger teacher voice. I plan to work on these goals throughout my time at York College of Pennsylvania and achieve them by the time I have completed my student teaching, which will be in three years. If I feel a goal has been achieved before I complete my student teaching, I plan to add a new goal, while still focusing on my previous goals to make them even stronger qualities.
My first skill is to have better time management. As of now, I feel I do have strong time management when dealing with arriving early and planning my day out efficiently. I do have trouble with staying in the projected time frame during lessons. For example, if I have thirty minutes to teach a lesson, I may take thirty-five to forty minutes. Typically, this is due to introduction of my lesson. I believe students need to grasp the concept in the beginning of the lesson to be able to build off of the information and complete activities on their own without the help of other students or myself.
Like I said, as of now, I do have fair time management skills, but they certainly need improvement. My goal is to be able to plan lessons and keep them in the projected time frame; this includes being within 2 minutes under or over.
There are several
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