My Project : Multi Tasking And Retaining Knowledge

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My project will teach you about multi tasking and retaining knowledge. My project will be based on giving kids a test and have multiple things going on in the background. There task is to see if they can remember something from each distraction. They will be given multiple distractions such as music, videos, talking, studying, and then a test. When each test is done, they will have to list the songs they heard, what the video was about, what I was talking about, and how well they did on the test will determine how well they studied. They will then be given another test where they study in a silent room then take a test. The different test scores will be compared. The point of this experiment is to see if music, videos, etc will make an impact on how well u do in school work. To understand more on my project, I researched multitasking, retaining knowledge, why we forget things, and how to improve remembering.
Human brains weren 't made for lots of hard tasks to be done at the same time. The word for that is multitasking. Multitasking is the action that takes place when someone tries to perform two or more tasks at a time. Chances are, your not really doing it . Multitasking isnt really as efficient as we think. It could also be harmful to our health. it will probably take longer for you to finish two products while jumping back and forth between them then to just do them separately. while multitasking, you make more mistakes, gain lots of more stress, you miss out on life,…
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