My Proposal For Remote Sensing And Was Wondering If You Could Take A Look At It Essay

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Hi Dr. Marzenaaaaa:
I have been working on my proposal for remote sensing and was wondering if you could take a look at it. After feeling a bit shaky about the midterm, I really want to knock this project out of the park. I know you are really busy, and I appreciate any direction you can give me.
Hope your weekend went well!

We live in an age where most environments on earth have been impacted by anthropogenic activities. Chapin III et al (2001) contend that, “humans have been a natural component of most ecosystems for thousands of years” (p. 14). Humans interact with the environment in many ways: landscape modification, agricultural activities, urbanization, urban sprawl, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, stormwater runoff, and so forth; these anthropogenic activities can have detrimental environmental results. Satellite imagery, aerial photographs, and digital data can be used to analyze how anthropogenic activities impact environments spatially and temporally. This study will investigate how land cover has changed in the D’Olive Creek Watershed, located in Baldwin County, Alabama via the use of geographic information systems (GIS) and remote sensing methods and technology. For the purpose of this study, “land cover” refers to how much of a region is covered by specified land and water types (e.g. forests, wetlands, impervious surfaces, and so forth).
Human-environmental interaction contributes to processes that affect fluvial environments. Indeed,

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