My Proposed Plan For Life

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Holley Lentner Events My Proposed Plan for Life in College While attending the University of North Florida for my first semester, I have learned several new things about myself, like empathy, through classes like Honors Colloquium. This class, in particular, has provided me with experiences that will aid me further along in life, like our service projects. Additionally, through the assignments of this course I have come to realize the skills and abilities that are in need improvement in order for me to be successful at the occupation I intend to pursue. My aspiration in life is to earn an honest living by providing health care to those in need of such attention. With this career path, I believe that I will have both an exciting and rewarding occupation. Helping those in need by promoting health and preventing disease is something that I found interesting ever since I was little. For when I was younger, I was in the hospital quite often for countless reasons, and knowing that I was going to be perfectly okay lead my impressionable self to gain the utmost respect for those in the healthcare business and eventually lead me to pursue a career in the field. Ultimately, I feel that this profession will allow for me to contribute to society and in doing so, I remain confident that I will learn a great deal from an occupation in health care. For a great man once said, “Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing” (Theodore
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