My Psychoanalytic Views of Two Short Stories

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Psychoanalysis In order to understand the true meaning of some stories we must understand the what psychoanalysis is. Psychoanalysis was thought up by a man know as Sigmund Freud also know as the Founding Father of Psychoanalysis. Being a major cocaine addict, his theories were often ridiculed and were thought to be perceived as hallucinations as a result of the cocaine use. Freud’s theories however sparked an all new era of Psychology. Although Freud’s theories seemed very radical, when put into life situations they actually make perfect sense. Psychoanalytic Literary Criticism refers to literary criticism or literary theory which, in method, concept, or form, is influenced by the tradition of psychoanalysis begun by Sigmund Freud.…show more content…
Using the staff to show this works symbolically, but it does not address the sexual aspect of Freud's theory. Young Goodman Brown uses the staff as a phallic symbol to symbolize the sexual urges Brown experiences in his fight to remain faithful. In his defeat, the staff exposes the conflict underneath of good and evil as another fight altogether. This battle actually compliments the struggle between God and Satan. It is the fight of purity and holiness of the spirit in conflict against the lustful wants and corruptive thoughts of the mind and body. In Freudian terms, it is the struggle for supremacy between the id and superego. Ultimately, Goodman Brown allows his id to dominate the ego, which also allows the forces of evil to win. Young Goodman Brown uses the text to expose human corruptibility and moral impurity. Without these faults, however, there could be no humanity, and without the guiding light of God, humanity would have nothing for which to hope and pray. The Red Death, a disease that has plagued the country where the The Masque of The Red Death takes place. It causes its victims to die quickly and gruesomely. Although the disease is running rampant throughout the land, Prince Prospero feels happy and hopeful. He decides to lock him and his friends in the castle to ward off the disease, ignoring the rest of the population. After several months have passed,
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