My Pug Milo Research Paper

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About my pug Milo

My pug Milo. Milo is super soft after he gets his bath. He has had two accidents in PetCo,and the workers only said how cute he was and it happens all the time. The first day I got him he scratched up the shirt I was wearing that day. He is the most playful puppy I have ever seen.
Milo knows many tricks. He knows how to roll over. He knows how to shake hands. He can high five. He even knows how to attack things.
Milo is my fastest dog. He is fast like a cheetah. He can out run me and my friends. He is a rat after sometimes when we race. He can even outrun an adult dog.
Games me and my friends play with him. Sometimes we play cops and robbers. My friend play the adventures of Pugman and Pugsler boy. We all play tag with
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