My Pursuit Of Photography

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Finding your inspiration Photography is a creative pursuit. Every photographer has a unique vision of the world. You just have to move away from the traditional imagery that you might be taking and get personal, be selfish, and photograph what you are most passionate about. The more personal you make it, the more universal it becomes. The more personal you're willing to be, the more you separate yourself from the masses of other photographers that are out there. Photography is very good at capturing what reality is; you can use it in a way to kind of say something that you feel about a particular place or subject. So what are you trying to say with your photography? Do you want to show the beauty of the world as you see and experience it? Do…show more content…
The most rewarding part of the photographic process often comes when you find a project or a theme that you feel passionate about, that you can translate into your photography. You'll find meaning and purpose in the picture taking process and you'll learn about yourself while elevating your personal photographic vision. All big ideas start with a small step. Securing your idea is what you need to do first, but keep in mind that you really won't know if your idea is going to work until you start shooting. For me finding a personal project was a way to kind of break free of the shackles put on me by my newspaper photography job at the time. When you direct your photographic energy and passion towards a story or theme, something that you feel confident about, that will lead you to a higher level in your work. But you have to find that story or theme that inspires you because you'll commit to it, it'll drive you to work hard, it'll get you past certain frustrations, through obstacles. It'll push you forward to a photographic place of competence and excitement that you can't even imagine before you start the
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