My Pursuit Of Purpose: A Career As An Agent

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When looking into my future, I see myself as a linguist for the Federal Bureau of Investigations and a published author who glorifies God in all she does. Daily, I work to obtain this goal and I plan to utilize college to my advantage, reaching even farther to these aspirations. My future college will pave the way to reaching my aspirations.
I aspire to become an agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigations’ linguistics department. To achieve this goal, I have been reading books regarding criminology by the expert, John Douglas. I have been perfecting my Spanish communication skills and developing an understanding of French. In the future, I plan to study Farsi, which is one of the top languages that the FBI has requested be known to their potential agents. Also, I have been working hard to become physically fit and healthy, exercising and eating better than ever. When I enter college, I plan to continue my studies and physical training to surpass the level needed by the FBI. Through
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I Corinthians 10:31 says that whether we eat or drink, we are to “do all to the glory of God”. As an agent for the FBI, I hope to save people from physical deaths and demonstrate how to earn eternal life with a merciful God. When I become a published author, I do not plan to leave God out of any story. I wish to become a more compassionate and selfless individual, which only God can help me become. I will continue to go to a church that I agree with and demonstrate my faith to those around me through my actions. Overall, I hope that God will use me to preach His Word. If someone is questioning his or her beliefs, I hope that I will be a viable choice for God to use as assistance to the individual. Attending a Christian college can help me grow in my relationship with God by questioning what exactly I believe and continuing to educate me biblically. No matter what happens, to God be the
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