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When I think of “successful life” i see the definition as being able to afford the life style you want to live and not having to go from pay check to pay check. If you’re happy with the life that your living then you have a successful life not everybody has the same definition because some people want to live different lifestyles some want more and some want less. I look up to people who are not afraid to stand up for what they believe and speak their mind no matter what others have to say, People who chase their dreams and don’t let anything or anyone get in there way, and people who don’t give up or change their mind when it gets too hard. I believe if you really set your mind to something you can achieve anything because nothing can…show more content…
Spirituality is also very key because I believe without god you can’t have true success because you can do whatever you want but you have to follow gods plan for you without him there would be nothing. Possessions is how a lot of people measure success but to me it’s not really that big of a determining factor because some value certain things differently then another would. Some things I can see that might get in the way of my dreams or could potentially be barriers would be maybe funding because I plan on learning every single thing I can about my passion to make it and do what I need to do in order to be successful in my field. Myself can sometimes be a barrier because I can get really lazy at times and know I have something I need to do but just don’t do it because I may not feel like it at the time also I’m a very big procrastinator I wait to the very last minute to do things when I know I should do them as soon as I get them. College can help with my goals a lot because it can not only educate me in the ways of my field but can also open a lot of doors for me in the future. I will learn many things along the way that you never know when u might need someday. College is really mandatory In todays economy to get a good job that is mainstream and can earn you enough money to help you survive things aren’t getting better and a college degree in some cases can
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