My Race Is Black, My Ethnicity, African American And My Culture

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My race is Black, my ethnicity is African American and my culture (349) could be described as complicated. In applying these factors to my personal experiences I will refer to Matthew and Emirbayer’s “What is Racial Domination?” to explain the racial biases and discriminations that I have experienced from Arkansas to Los Angeles and ultimately Irvine. From the day of my birth my life and the opportunities presented or denied have been defined by racial domination and the Institutional racism of White Americans. My phenotype defines my race and ancestry as Black due to “physical appearance and constitution, including skeletal structure, height, hair texture, eye color, and skin tone” (Matthew and Emirbayer 2009, 337). My ethnicity is that of African American in difference to Blacks from the Caribbean Islands of Blacks that have emigrated from Africa. Matthew and Emirbayer says that Black culture exist as two distinct cultures defined by two classes—the middle class and the poor or “the underclass” and “instead of the Black community, we think in terms of sub communities” (349). I believe that could be further expand by geography, as my culture includes aspects of the economically deprived South, the ghettos of Los Angeles aa well as the White, middleclass suburb of Irvine. It is indeed complicated. Slavery would forever taint the lives of Blacks in America, far “more than any other institution, slavery would dictate the career of American racism: Blackness became associated

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