My Reading And Reading : My Aspects Of Reading

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When I was younger I hated reading, because I was too slow and never good at it. As I would look at some of my classmates, I noticed how fast they were at reading and how easily they understood the reading. I remember thinking to myself that I wanted to be a good reader like them one day. At the time, of my fifth grade self I was not an avid reader; it wasn’t until the book Marley and Me that changed my perspective. Ever since I was a little girl I had a very hard time with reading. My mom would beg me to read every night before bed, but instead I ignored her. She would tell me that if I read before bed every night that I would become a faster and better reader. Yet again I decided not to believe her. I knew at some point in my life, I…show more content…
I decided to ask the librarian if she could help me pick out some books. At first she asked me multiple questions, and I had no clue what to do with myself. But, then I realized I needed to calm down, and hopefully answering the questions will put me in the right direction. Her first question was “What kind of things are you into, and what do you like? A question like that is so simple yet so hard. As I stood in front of her with no words to come out, I started to think very hard. I finally answered back to her, and said “well I like my dog, so i guess dogs or animals”. After that moment, she pointed me to the right direction. She showed me this whole section where all books were dedicated to animals. I started perusing through the library, until I found a book that caught my eye. The book was called Marley and Me. I read the back of the summary, and decided that was the book I was going home with. As I checked out my book, the librarian said I needed to return it in two weeks. Two weeks! I started to freak out again, because I knew I could never finish a whole book in two weeks. My mom told me to calm down, because I could bring the book back and ask for more time on it. Right when I got home I laid the book on my bookshelf. Instead of diving into the book right away, I just stared at it and watched Television. After watching too many shows, my mom told me that I need to start reading. The next day, I woke up and stared right at the book
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