My Reading Experience

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I grew up in a household where knowledge is everything, and I received a solid foundation in the reading and writing basics from the time I was three years old. The biggest motivator I had during my reading experience was my mother. My mom played a humongous role in teaching me the necessary materials to use on my reading journey. Her main goal was making sure that I became exposed to the concepts of reading and writing before I entered school. Although reading and writing were taught in my early school years, my knowledge base and love of these subject areas comes from my mother. Thus, I credit my mother with teaching me to read and write. My mom has always been an ardent reader and she loves everything about words. Growing up, she instilled the value of the power behind knowledge into my siblings and me early on. While I was still in the womb, she read to me daily. Later, as a small child, she read me bedtime stories and taught me how to read them back to her. I struggled with pacing and volume when I began learning how to read. Consequently, my mother made me read more to improve my problem. The more I read, the more I began to fall in love with the way a book sounds rather than its composition. Through this newfound passion I began to approach reading like a challenge: the bigger the book, the better. My house was stocked with classics like Jane Eyre, Pretty Women, and Dracula. My love for reading developed from these stories which later shaped my favorite
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