My Reading Of Youth Ministry

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Through my reading of Youth Ministry in the 21st Century I have learned a lot about many different 21st ministry models. There were many models which I agreed with as well as models that I did not agree with. I agreed most with Greg Stier and Ron Hunter. In reading about the Gospel Advancing view of youth ministry, I enjoyed reading his 6 vital elements. If a youth group is going to transform into a youth ministry then the youth pastor should prepare students for relational evangelism, students need to learn to invade the world with the Gospel (pg.9). By building relationships with those around us the door to share the Gospel is opened up to us and it allows for conversation to happen. Another vital point that Greg Stier uses is to make…show more content…
161). Parents often live a very busy life and it is hard for them to take time to best learn how to disciple their student. By coaching parents through this stage in life, we can teach them methods to become spiritual leaders in the lives of their students. After reading through the book I began to compile what my youth ministry would look like and how these different perspectives on life have influenced and changed my view of a student ministry. Evangelism & Discipleship A youth ministry should not be an either/ or ministry, either evangelism focused or discipleship focused. Both evangelism and discipleship go hand in hand. Jesus clearly had a high view of evangelism because he shared the Gospel with others throughout his ministry. All Christ followers have been evangelized to at some point in their lives. Their as been some one that has taken time to share or explain the Gospel to us. Therefore, evangelism should be important to us all as it has allowed us to have a relationship with God. No student should ever go through a Church, a student ministry, or a children’s ministry without ever hearing the Gospel. The Gospel should be clear shared with students because it is a youth pastors driving force to see young people come to know Christ. A student ministry should provide opportunities for students to be evangelized as well as to evangelize. Students will be at different stages in their spiritual journeys, so it
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