My Real Life Situation Is ( Es ) Cells And Its Effect On The Advancement Of Knowledge?

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My real life situation is ESC

What is ESC: Embryonic stem (ES) cells which are cells that can only be derived from pre‐implantation embryos and have a proven ability to form cells of all tissues of the adult organism.

The advantages of it is that it can be created by IV, could be used to develop cell replacement therapies, research on possible toxic effects of new drugs

Personal take: I came across this topic in my biology class and was amazed by how far we managed to progress. It confused me as to why people were so against it if it meant potential to cure incurable diseases.

My main knowledge question that I extracted from this real life situation is “To what extent does our emotions hinder the advancement of knowledge?”

To answer this KQ, the AOK of Natural Sciences and Ethics will be explored in detail through the WOKs of Language and Emotion. Language is the way humans communicate and due to how it exists in our daily lives, we tend to take language for granted and not actively consider the implications made in our casual conversations. It is important to note that Language can be very creative and open-ended form and there is an element of interpretation built into communication. There are words with secondary meanings and vague definitions that require context in order to properly understand it i.e. minor. This could mean small or a person who is underage. If “minor” comes up and without the context it is used in, I cannot accurately judge which definition

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