My Reflection In Writing

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There I heard it; the final whistle blew for full time. We worked so hard all season long only to collapse in the final few minutes. The Massachusetts State Cup was so close. We were so close to winning the title, and we blew it. Our team took this adversity and used it as motivation to work even harder for next semester. Every practice following that loss was pure intense work. It ended up paying out for us in the end, with the following season resulting in regaining the premier title of being state champions. My team ended up working harder, smarter, and better than the opposition, all because of us learning from our mistakes. We took what didn’t work from the last year’s catastrophe, and improved upon it. The final product was a well oiled machine that demolished every team dumb enough to face it. In an albeit less dramatic fashion, the process of writing shares bountiful similarities with a soccer tournament such as the ones I went to. During my journey through Writing 104, I faced several assignments that resulted in not so stellar grades. This reflection process allows me to go over these mistakes, and share to all how I fixed them into a much better piece. Writing 104 coached me through many great pieces, and expanded my knowledge as a writer in so many fields, specifically in writing effectively, and information literacy. To start off, my time in this class brought many wonderful moments, allowing me to share my experiences on paper. One such example was my favorite

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