My Reflection Of Learning In Class In The Classroom

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This fall semester of Modern III has been challenging, but also very rewarding for myself. Pushing through this obstacle has allowed me to find and create a new movement vocabulary. Stated in my letter at the beginning the semester, two of my main goals for this class was to focus on my breath and to regain strength in my right leg. I worked outside and in the classroom to gain strength as well as focusing on the movement phrases finding the inhale and exhale. At midterms, I felt a huge difference focusing on these goals than I did when I started in August. However, I wanted to keep pushing myself after midterms so that I could continually to improve. During my midterm conference with you, we discussed things that you thought I could improve on and things that I was doing great at in class. The few things that you thought that I could focus on was to continue softening my ribs especially on the floor and exploring my backspace more. Moving through class after midterms, I continued working on the two goals before as well as the two goals from midterms. In class, I have noticed that when performing floor phrases, I move through the phrase a lot smoother when I soften my ribs and dance to my furthest kinesphere. In addition, when standing and performing phrases in the center especially the flat back phrase and the peeling down phrase, I concentrated on pulling up, softening my ribs, and engaging my abdominals. Focusing on these three things while performing, I realized how
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