My Reflection Of Lisa Cady

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Introduction When I found out we got to interview a teacher my mind did not even wonder who the teacher was going to be. I knew I wanted to interview Lisa Cady because she is an outstanding teacher. While in her class I learned and grew into the person I am today. Knowing that she has many years of experience I found it fitting to get information out of her. I know she has a very honest opinion and would give me real life examples and situation I might one day be in. Lisa Cady tells me the pros and the cons of the field of education. She never tries to push me towards another major but she always lets me know what I am getting myself into. Lisa Cady is the definition of a great teacher and I was intrigued by what she would responded to all…show more content…
Lisa Cady knows this and she always made sure she gave me the extra help I needed to pass her classes. This makes me want to become a special education teacher because often this is what happens to the students with mental and physical disabilities. I want to create a classroom where all my students feel safe and comfortable to be themselves just like Lisa does with all of her classrooms each year. One of her other questions that really made me think about my career was question number nine. It asked Lisa Cady to give me advice for the next four years in order to be prepared to become a teacher. She told me, “Try out different age groups. I know you already have experience from high school with the Best Buddies Club. So, try younger age groups. Get a feel for multiple school districts and areas and feel out the one that suits you the best.” (CITATION). This actually made me reflect on my experiences so far in my field placement classroom. Lisa and I talked about my field placement a little after the interview and I was very interested in continuing to pursue the younger age groups when it comes to teaching. Up until a few days ago I didn’t know what age group I wanted to focus on, but after this interview and teaching my first lesson with kindergarten I think Lisa helped me figure it out for now. The last question I wanted to reflect on was question number 15 and this is one of the four that I made up for her to answer.

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