My Reflection Of My Environment : My Value Of The Environment

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If eight million people lack access to water, why am I wasting my finite amount of it? Also, I claim that I live an ecologically friendly lifestyle but I have contributed to pollution and continued to act poorly with my resources. However, my environmental value system has formed from a mixture of Western and Judeo-Christian Perspectives, giving me respect for the environment from the ecocentric viewpoint. Next, my ecological irresponsibility is aiding in environmental change. Finally, my future actions will be different in the sense that I am consistent and conscious about my impact on my surroundings. My value system has shaped my current actions towards the environment, establishing a pathway for my future habits, resulting in a lavish…show more content…
I decided that I would take the initiative and construct a garden in my backyard that grows a wide range of vegetables and spices so I could ensure sustainability in my family. Near the end of highschool, I started to develop a set of moral principles that began to guide my environmental actions. Some of these examples include; disposal of waste in the correct manner, thinking twice when I flush, and focusing on maintaining a local sustainable diet.

Secondly, I can honestly say that throughout my life I have been ecologically irresponsible. From throwing my garbage on the ground to letting the water run for minutes as it reaches the perfect temperature, I have made some bad decisions that directly affect Earth. Firstly, as a child in the summer I would love to eat freezies. Often times several at once. When I was finished with the freezie I would discreetly bury my plastic wraps in the sand at my cottage because there were no garbages within seeing distance and I did not like the idea of anyone seeing me litter. I knew that everyone around me had the same western perspective on littering so I did not want to be accused of it. Additionally, I thought that since the plastic was so small and insignificant, no one would realize or be affected by my choice. I made this decision not thinking or knowing about any ecological consequences. Over the course of about a year, I began to see pieces of plastic freezie wraps everywhere I walked. My beach was
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