My Reflection Of School : My Experience In The Classroom

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The School My practicum placement school is small and in an older building within a small town. According to my clinical supervisor, the majority of students are Caucasian and more than half receive free lunch. The administrative staff seems highly focused on literacy and test scores, but have not seen good results in the past. The teachers often voice concerns over the lack of support from the administration.
The Classroom The Kindergarten inclusion classroom, I observed, is on the backside of the school. The classroom is surrounded by other Kindergarten classrooms. There are fifteen students total, six of which are identified, by the teacher, as advanced. These students are currently working on at least a 2nd grade level. She considers another seven students to be higher than average. These students are currently 3-6 months ahead academically. Within the classroom, there are two students considered in the low group, one of which is identified under special education guidelines. The lead teacher has been teaching Kindergarten for fourteen years and appears emotionally invested her students’ successes. There is also a full-time paraprofessional, who has worked with the lead teacher for the past four years. The students have been using laptops since the beginning of the year to play educational games and complete assessments. Students have just received their own iPads this past week and are already beginning to work with them on occasion. The classroom has an overall cluttered and disorganized feel. It is not overly filled with bulletin boards or extreme decorations. However, the teachers often toss supplies around haphazardly. They clip random worksheets, directions, and materials to the board, often in an attempt to find them a quick, temporary home.

I observed the inclusion classroom multiple times and noticed that the activities are largely centers based. One math center involved counting on using a giant number line on the floor. Another asked that students compose and decompose numbers on a worksheet. Meanwhile, another small group worked with the lead teacher using their iPads to answer prompts about greater than and less than. Literacy activities most often followed the same center
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