My Reflection Of Speech Experiences In The Classroom

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Completing this introduction speech was a great experience for me overall I thought. I was actually first to complete my introduction speech amongst my peer classmates, so I driven to set the bar high and leave an example for the rest the class. Grading myself from the rubric on a scale of 100, I would grade myself at a 79.5% which would round up to a 80% which is a B on the grading scale. For the learning expectations for this assignment, I demonstrated effective delivery techniques and I created an identity that lets the class know who I am. I can admit that I struggled with the ability to organize information and present it a well organized form for my audience to grasp. As I walked up to the front of the classroom, a lot of jitter was going through my body. I introduced myself to my fellow classmates and presented a sufficient introduction, so that they know who I am, where I am from, and what brought me to Wake Tech. From the looks of the audience, everyone was paying attention and I was genuinely clear with what I was saying. After giving an introduction about myself, I let my audience know what I do, which is play basketball. I let them know I play basketball for Wake Tech, this is my second year attending the college, and I will be transferring after the spring semester to a four-year university. Additionally, I characterized how I transferred in from Pfeiffer University and how the coaches from Pfeiffer University and Wake Tech got in contact with each other,

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