My Reflection Of Teaching : My Philosophy Of Physical Education

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My perception of teaching is helping others learn ideas to help them be successful in their life. As a teacher you must be selfless and want to put the students before yourself to help them achieve their goals. As a teacher I will take pride in helping my students mature and grow. I want to see them succeed in life and reach their goals. That will bring me so much joy and I am determined to be a role model and positive influence on their life. I plan on being a great motivator to my students and players. In the classroom I will keep the class fun and keep the students engaged. Whether that is in the classroom and or in a Physical Education course I will make sure that my students are engaged and having fun. I feel like that is a lost art in teaching these days and I will incorporate into my philosophy. Students learn better when they enjoy learning about the topic. As a coach I will always encourage my players to do their very best and I will demand that from them. I will never tear down a player as long as they give me their best effort. My coaching philosophy will be “give me your best effort and you will get mine in return.” When I see kids giving their best effort who are trying to get better I will coach them up to the best of my ability. When their is a conflict with motivating a student or player I will remain positive and continue to push them. You never know what a kid is going through so my philosophy is to pick them up when they are down and encourage them to
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