My Reflection Of Writing A Class In The Classroom

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When I started this classes, I was full of expectations, I did not have any idea what topic we could discuss or how I can write my first homework. I could mention some improvement in my skills after started this class; it helped to develop my creative thinking skills, I learned many things such as writing objectively, making Quotation marks and coordinating my ideas better in this language. This class has helped me to express my ideas more clearly in an essay, it has allowed me to create essay organized and understandable to the reader. I did all my assignment on time although many times I had to review them. In many times homework became hard for me and I had to ask my classmate to help. I took the initiative to read material in youtube about this course but I think it did not help me too much. I know that my grade is an accurately reflect of my performance. At the end of this course, I expect to receive a final grade like B+, B-, or C+ because I came all my classes, did my homework and took my exam. I think I have learned a lot but I know that I should focus more on grammar.

I initiate this course without a clear idea of how I could really wrote a three-page essay in English. I can honestly say that this is the first time that a class has really scared me, always I have passed all my courses but this class has really been difficult for me. In my first assignment I spent the whole night doing it. I could not find a way to coordinate my words or how to make a good

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