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In August, I began my journey as a college student, as well as a Writing 101 student. I was unaware of what the class would entail, but more so, was unaware of the growth I would begin to see in myself as a student over the following four months. My commonplace book showcases my growth as a writer and as a learning- oriented individual. My five chosen tags encapsulate my semester over time and most importantly demonstrate several skills, specifically exploration and argumentation, that I will be able to use beyond this course and continue well into my future endeavors. To begin, a slight overview in my blog that I noticed would be the distinct change in passion. At the beginning, my sentences were choppy, slightly unthoughtful, and mundane. It was evident in the beginning that I was a student writing what was assigned, rather than analyzing the prompts comparable to an experienced writer. As my blog progressed, so did my interests in writing. I seemed to have evolved into a deeper- thinking, coherent writer, and in addition, conveying a greater interest in the overall connotation and magnitude of the short writings. While re-analyzing my blog posts, it was crucial for me to edit a few, in order to better convey my developmental process in addition to understanding that the original writing was not a reflection of myself. All of my chosen tags represent my commonplace blog to the best of my ability. My first chosen tag is “being honest with myself.” Ironically that is the

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