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As an English 100 student, I have learned that I am not as good at writing as I thought I was. As the year has progressed, the assignments seem to have become more tedious. I have also not taken the necessary steps to create a good essay as I did on my first few assignments. In my first essay, I carefully planned my essay and made sure that I actually understood what was being asked of me. As the essays were assigned in rapid succession, I became more careless. Due to this, my essay scores have dropped significantly. My first essay assigned in English 100 was, MICKY D. This essay is an observational essay that explained how my workplace, McDonald’s, is considered a discourse community. My initial grade on this essay was a 90%. The next assigned essay was a literary narrative essay called “How I Got These Scars.” This essay was about me learning how to ride my first “big kid bike”. This essay was very difficult because I was having trouble remembering my past experience of learning how to ride a bike. The memories were very vague and it is difficult for me to be creative enough to add fictitious statements to the essay. The grade for this essay was an 89% before revisions. My final essay was over an informative essay called, The Graft. The Graft is about my experiences with the processes that lead up to me getting my knee cartilage graft. This essay was poorly executed which lead to an initial grade of 73%. My grades have significantly dropped due to a decrease in effort and

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