My Reflection Of Writing In Health Profession

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English has never been my strongest subject. When I entered Writing in Health Profession in August, I had little foundational knowledge about writing and research. First two weeks of the class was extremely overwhelming, as basic terms- patient letter, profiling, gender issues, health literacy, business letter- was entirely new to me, which is why it makes me proud to say that this semester I have met the upper division course requirement.
Throughout the semester I build on different writing, organizing, and analyzing skills. Some of my capabilities are: ability to identify targeted audiences, different gender issues in personal and healthcare setting, specific problems and create appropriate health document, etc. For instance, I learned to perform solid academic research to support my ideas, learned to organize my thoughts and ideas in a coherent manner, and communicate effectively in a variety of genres for various purposes, audiences, and situations. The other capability I gained from this class is ability to critically analyze the bioethical principles and health literacy issues in medical scenarios. Now I know that not every individual I will encounter in future will have knowledge of different medical terms. Therefore, I became more aware of type of language or vocabulary to use while communicating with clients from different background.
It is very important to set goals to gain personal as well as professional growth. In future, I want to become a more creative
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