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This semester I wrote three essays; a review essay, annotated bibliography, and a research paper. As I wrote these essays I learned what they were, why they are written, and why people use these to obtain information. Throughout this course I enjoyed writing the essays and learning new things from what I was writing about. Although some were not easy I still took my time and made sure they were perfect in my eyes. While taking this class I learned a new perspective of writing these specific papers that I did not previously learn in high school. The first college paper I’ve ever written was a review essay. A review essay is an essay that is argumentative and persuasive about a subject or object that you may think is either good or bad.…show more content…
When I wrote my review essay about Magic Kingdom, I wrote about how the park is the best park in Disney World. I explained how the rides, restaurants, and overall scenery is better than other parks around Disney. One difficulty I encountered while writing my paper was explaining everything in detail as if the person had never been to Magic Kingdom. I am not good at describing things into detail, but writing this paper has helped me understand how to do so. Another complication I faced was reading the documents where I was receiving my information from, and putting them into my own words without forgetting what I had read. Writing this paper was fun because I really enjoy going to Magic Kingdom, and I feel like if I enjoy doing something its not that hard to write about. The words flow easier writing about something I enjoy, rather than writing about something I dislike. While constructing this paper I learned how other people felt the same as I did, and that Magic Kingdom is extremely busy throughout the year. I also learned how to explain things in more detail and use a variety of word choice, so that I didn’t sound repetitive. I wouldn’t mind writing another review essay because I take pleasure in writing about how I feel about things. I also wouldn’t mind doing another one because no one can tell you if you are right or wrong, you are entitled to your own opinion. Following the review essay is the annotated bibliography. An annotated

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