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In high school, I would always receive the highest score in my class when we would write essays. Naturally, I adopted a sense of confidence where I would not spend a lot of time writing and still expect the best grade. However, in the first paper I wrote in COLWRIT R1A, I followed my same routine effortlessly dedicate about one hour to write the essay. When the grade came back for this assignment, I was given my first B in a long time. Bewildered, I made a bunch of excuses in an attempt to justify this B, and claimed that it was because “Berkeley has higher standards than my high school, but I am still a great writer. I will just start dedicating more time to writing my essays.” However, as the semester continued, it seemed as if I could not obtain an A on any of my papers that I had submitted even though I worked on it for a long time. After a deep reflection, I realized that I had been missing more as a writer than I had thought. There was so much more that I can improve when writing my essays. For example, this semester I learned that my thesis has to be narrow, that it is acceptable to deviate from the five paragraph structure, and to use questions as a tool to help me develop an interesting thesis.
To begin with, my thesis statement would be very broad when I would write essays in high school. Throughout my body paragraphs, I would write down the first idea that popped up in my head. Therefore, I would often lose myself in my own thoughts and I would have multiple

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