My Reflection On Improving My Writing Class

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This college course proved to be one of the most challenging classes I have taken in high school. In addition to learning how to improve my writing and reading skills, I had to be responsible with my time. This can lead to difficulties because I learned that I am a slow reader. Fortunately, my understanding of the text is not compromised as I just simply tend to take my time when it comes to reading the assigned novels for this semester. For the most part, I think that my ability to analyze any type of reading has improved. One aspect that I think has improved dramatically is my ability to critically analyze a novel through different schools of criticism. Learning about different criticisms has vastly increased the number of perspectives I can use in order to effectively analyze a novel. This is especially helpful as I discover more genres to read. I can attempt…show more content…
Not only does this mean that I have to get the paper done early for editing, it also means that another individual with a different perspective can point out mistakes that I otherwise would have missed. This semester is more challenging compared to the first semester because the writing depended on my thoughts. I was used to writing and analyzing other people’s thoughts and ideas. The transition to write about my thoughts was more difficult than I thought. Although it is relatively easy for me to think up ideas on my own, the difficulty is trying to get my idea across the audience through my writing. In my drafts, a trend that I noticed is that I tend to use circular reasoning. By peer editing, I was able to eliminate that mistake. This is why writing about my thoughts on a certain subject is something that I will need to improve upon. Nevertheless, I am proud of my accomplishments upon completing this class. I have undoubtedly emerged with improved skills for reading and writing that I can apply in my future academic
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