My Reflection On My Current Position

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In my current position I have the unique opportunity to visit all kinds of classes at a variety of times throughout the day and during these visits I have seen the whole spectrum of lessons being taught. One of the most amazing things I have learned is that usually within minutes of entering a classroom; I can instantly tell how a lesson is going for a teacher. If the students are engaged and actively learning or are involved in an activity, it becomes very evident through their facial expressions to me, that the lesson is going well and learning is taking place. On the other hand, if when I enter the room the students give me that look of “please help us”, I can tell things aren’t going well and something is amiss in the lesson. When I see this my curiosity usually gets the best of me and if I see these students later in the day or have a moment during the time I am in the classroom I try to talk to them to find out what was going on. It is amazing to me how there is usually a common thread and that is that the students have no idea what is going on or have no clue as to the purpose of the lesson.
What I realize now is that these teachers simply need to clarify the goals of their lessons, or as we have studied in this class they need to improve their ability to set SMART goals. Neihart (2008) states that “Goals focus our attention by directing it activities that are relevant to the task and away from activities that are irrelevant” (p60.). This is so true when
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