My Reflection On My Ethnographic Study

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For my ethnographic study I chose to interview my schoolmate about her language learning experiences which relate to her culture. The main focuses of this ethnographic study are to enhance the teaching quality and facilitate positive curriculum development through the interview. Last week I had an opportunity to interview a schoolmate of mine, a doctoral degree student who studies in TESOL program at Alliant International University. The name of my schoolmate called April and she is a Taiwanese. April is a multi-lingual who masters four kinds of foreign language: English, Japanese, Spanish and Taiwanese. Except for her mother-tongue language Taiwanese, English is the one she spent most time on it. She has been learning this language for more than nine years. The first time she contacted with English was in her childhood. She studied the language just for the fun of it and she was really interested in games in the process of study. Her first English teacher was a Malaysian woman. One left a great impression on her was that the place for the class was in a church. She studied English with a friend of her neighbor in the church for a year. So far she still missing the time she learned English at the church. Because of the development of foreign trade, English becomes a popular language in Taiwan. April told me that English is one of the compulsory course in the curriculum during her student days in Taiwan. However, different from the happy time she spent

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