My Reflection On My Life At Bangladesh Fueled Passion Of Public Health

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My 2012 trip to Bangladesh fueled my passion in public health. It was extremely eye opening to all the health inequalities that humans suffer throughout the world. During my visit, I reconnected with my uncle, who was born blind. His acceptance of adversity with remarkable stoicism amazes me and as my first time seeing him as an adult, I realized how unprepared I was to help him. By admitting to my lack of knowledge to a life so different than mine, I asked him a series of questions to obtain a better understanding of the realities of his condition. “What causes you the most pain? What matters to you the most? What can I do to help you envision the world better?” Through this turning point in my life, I learned the importance of having …show more content…

I took a course in which we read Bad Blood: The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment (James H. Jones, 1993), which alarmed me about the issues of medical malpractice and ethics used by the United States Public Health Service in the early 20th century. Writing an analysis on the societal and racial disparities in this book came with ease because I was so fascinated by studying the health care inequalities in low-income, minority communities in the United States. From then on, my courses consisted of an interdisciplinary focus on public health ranging from political science and foreign language to epidemiology and neuroscience. Although I learned a lot on identifying the need populations around the world, I desired the knowledge to be technically skilled in solving difficult, intricate problems creatively and effectively while synergizing both health management and health policy.

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Through my work experience, I have had the opportunity to think creatively, learn the importance of team work, develop leadership skills, and cultivate, all preparing me for graduate studies. As a supplement to

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