My Reflection On My Life

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So there I sat in my seat, either looked outside the window, or stared at my watch, watched the second hand running around and around, hoped that the moment that I have waited so long for will actually become a reality. I lay in my bed the night before we received the grade for our paper, stared at the ceiling feeling not only excited but also nervous about how I had done on a paper that I worked so hard on. I began talking out loud to myself “I know I did very well on it, I had to, maybe 54 points out of 60? Yeah, that sounds great.” I had spent countless hours working on that essay, I had been collecting many materials to support my topic and sorted them carefully, and then I spent a whole day to finish it. So I was confident about my paper and believed that this time I would have my highest paper score in my student life. I was so excited at that time, imagined the scene that when my teacher announce my score, I would receive all the gratification from my classmates. I imagined the joy that would overcome my body and how proud my parents were going to be. I could feel the temperature in the room begin to rise, and it became hard for me to sit patiently in my seat. Just like a nominee attend an award ceremony, I was waiting for my name to be called and then what I do is just enjoy everyone’s envy and congratulations. With more and more my classmates’ score came out, my heart is about to jump out. Finally, “Zhuo Wen!” My body froze, finally the moment had arrived and my A

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