My Reflection On My Life

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I feel blessed to be in cor 8. I have a awesome core who is like a family. Being in core 8 I am less stressed and I feel like I can share a lot of stuff without anyone judging me. Being in core I learned a lot about sharing opinions, God building your relationships. Before core class I never expected anything from anyone in my life. I like to follow my own path. I learned how to prayer before core I thought prayers make no impact on the situation and I lost all the trust in god. The unfaithful people had turned their back on me and that movement changed me. Being in core It has shaped me into a person I never thought I could be. I trusted the people in my core and around me who are close decided to stick around in my worst times. Being in core I feel less stress, learned from the events I have attend through core, the three books we read is a guide for me to balance my school life and home life, the monday lectures and being in core I am trying to have stable relationship with God
I have attend a lot of events through Core and learned a lot about them as well. Reading the core books why college matters to god and real relationship and EGIC O felt like I feel like I have found myself in a way. I was lost and trying to figure out who was I, What I wanted out of my life and Why College Matters to God was focusing how God and college is related. Now I feel Spiritual thinking about God when you are trying to achieve something in college and trying to figuring out you life. God…

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