My Reflection On My Life

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What I saw in front of me was a spitting image of my reflection, only this reflection lacked my empty brown eyes, his hair was not a tattered mess, and his posture was not sluggish but upright like that of a soldier, he wore the same clothes that I was wearing a white t-shirt only his had no coffee stains and his blue jeans were not torn up at the knees his white shoe laces were not stringing apart. He had piercing brown eyes with a smug smile it seemed his entire being resonated confidence and strength. It was really starting to get on my nerves. Of course, I 'm freaking out with a million questions going through my head. Who is this person? Why do they look exactly like me? What do they want? But the same thing keeps popping into my head Why the hell is he looking at me with such a condescending face, It 's really starting to piss me off especially since we share a face. I took a deep breath to gather my thoughts, okay calm down try and ask questions to see what is going on. I thought to myself.
The other me started walking toward me slowly he was about 20 feet away then he stopped.
"You seem confused" The other I said
No, no I 'm not confused this is my default face, I thought to myself but bit my tongue. This isn 't the time.
"I would guess that 's a given" I called back,
I started feeling queasy but I have to keep my calm who is this person? what do they want? Do I have some long lost twin brother or something? He then started walking even closer and now stopped…

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