My Reflection On My Writing

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While I was starting the process of writing the connection narrative I felt that my writing was going in the right direction. When I finished my rough draft, I knew more work was required in order for me to get a high grade which I would eventually work on. Going into the peer review I felt nervous because I received low scores on my previous papers by my peers. When I got back both of my reviewed papers I was surprised, to say the least. I thought I understood the purpose of the prompt better. I lacked details on how the issue connected to me which discouraged me to keep writing. I felt embarrassed that my peers had reviewed my work. It was hard to accept that I don’t always have strong writing. I do appreciate the feedback they gave me which allowed me to rewrite everything in a way that would address the prompt and would be better understood. I took a different approach to it. I knew that I had to put in work and effort to make a well-developed paper. The hardest part for me about writing it was adding more detail to how the issue related to me. This was because the issue did not affect me personally but its consequences did. I explained more about how it affected others and at times I contradicted myself which became confusing. I went back to incorporate how it affected me. My greatest strength is persistence from…show more content…
What I keep learning as I write and this paper enforced, is to continue with my writing. Not everyone writes a perfect paper overnight, it takes time and dedication. With time, I know I will develop a thoughtful reflection in my work with the help of my professors and my classmates. As a writer, an important quality that I have learned is to keep an open mind when someone revises my writing. I know if I keep second guessing my work it will limit any improvement I have achieved. My improvement on openness has changed my thoughts on my

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