My Reflection On The Court Trip

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This is a report of my reflection on the court trip that my class, CLU 3M attened on May 18, 2016. This report contains my reflection on what I did that day, what I saw, and my opinion on our judicial system. In this report some of the terms that I recognized during the trips are bolded, and I have elaborated on the meanings of the terms. I will conclude this report with my opinion the court process. Brad and I walked into the provincial court on Wyndham street at approximately 8:40 am. Provincial courts are the lower courts in the jurisdiction. As soon as I noticed 4 clipboards that had pages with a list of names and timing on them, this was also referred as a docket.The names were the offenders of the case, and there time represented their trial time. An offender is the person who had committed the illegal act. As I walked down the narrow hall I joined in with the rest of the class. We were sitting in the waiting area, and near the sign that said duty counsel. Duty counsels are lawyers that can give the accused advise on what they should when the accused do not have a lawyer. As we waited a lawyer came outside of the office and yelled, “If anybody needs duty counsel”. I noticed there were two court rooms, both had their own dockets. The court room was separated by the waiting area, and the vending machine. As I waited for Mr. Fast to come, I looked around and saw some really sketchy looking people, I even recognized two from my elementary school. There were allot of…

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