My Reflection

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During this second semester I have been trying to accomplish my goals from first semester. These goals include being able to write smoother introductory and conclusion paragraphs, maintaining an A in ELA 10, and improving my writing in any way possible. I took many steps to complete these goals. First of all, I maintained an A in ELA by turning in everything on time and turning in quality work. Second, I improved my writing by continuing to write often and using newly learned concepts in my writing. However, my last goal is still a work in progress. I have been working on my introductions and conclusions by trying new methods out in my essays. For example, in my Of Mice And Men essay I tried starting my introduction with a quote, which I hadn’t done before. In my opinion, I think I met my goals very well and followed the steps I needed to to become successful in achieving my goals. To conclude, I successfully completed most of my goals and got the results I wanted. In the first semester I learned to use new vocabulary and transitions, use appeal to emotion, and express my opinion and back it up using specific details. Throughout this second semester I have continued to do all these things and specifically use new vocabulary. For example, in my Of Mice and Men essay, I wrote “When George heard Curley angrily exclaim…”, which is something I would rarely ever write. On the other hand, I have learned many new things pertaining to writing this semester as well. One thing I
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